A peculiar word.  Not really a word.  More an idea.  Read it backward and you get “Resolution”.  

Approximately 1500 dreamers were challenged to consider the end of 2014 and to write, not our New Year’s resolutions for 2014, but rather what we have accomplished by the end of the year.  An interesting little project to be sure.  Or, perhaps, it’s not so little.

First, my health.  I have lost 26 pounds.  I think it’s actually time to get some new pants and jeans because I’m starting to notice that the old ones are growing a bit.  I’ve also reduced my soda intake tremendously.  That helped!

My relationships.  My bride and Princesses have been patient and we finally got to take that vacation to Florida to Universal Orlando that we’ve been planning for a while.  My bride and I also laid out some plans for the next few years (as we do every few years while realizing that things change and are often beyond our control).

My career.  I’ve gotten my alcohol and substance abuse credential.  20% or so raise came with it, along with the fact that my notes and billing don’t need to be reviewed by the clinic director every single time.  That’s pretty cool because there’s a credentialed therapist in the office who, according to others on staff, has no place with a credential.  I continue to get good feedback from clients and group members as well as other professionals helping me to be a better clinician and reaching out to others in their brokenness.

My heart.  Still aches.  Wishing my crew were closer.  Not getting nearly enough time with the guys and just feeling disconnected from people.  Still struggling to connect with the congregation we meet with when we have the chance.

Others: I’ve taken on another job to help out and rebuild what we lost when I quit engineering and had taken on repaying student loans (last December).  Learning to “hustle” with a few of my new friends.

I feel like that I’ve improved somehow.  Maybe.

So… how was your 2014?

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